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        1. Stefano Sabattini, Vice President for Sales & Marketing

          The Group takes important steps forward, not only in its range of products but also in its commercial structure.

          With effect from 1 January 2015, Mr Stefano Sabattini, who is currently the Commercial Director of Transtecno Ltd., will hold the prestigious position of Vice President for Sales & Marketing for the Transtecno Group. An important step for Mr Sabattini and the whole Group. This new position will enable Mr Sabattini to draw on his experience, gained in over 25 years of work for our organisation, to plan and coordinate Sales & Marketing activities at the international level.

          The recent launch of the company Transtecno Mexico has balanced out the global commercial structure, which in Europe revolves around Transtecno Ltd., in Asia around Hangzhou Transtecno and in America around Ma Transtecno Sapi de CV.

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