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        1. Tecnovert, the intelligent electric motor

          Tecnovert is a variable frequency converter integrated in the asynchronous three‐phase electric motor. It is housed in the three‐phase motor terminal box and forms an integral part of it, allowing it to be used with a 230Vac single‐phase power supply.

          Why Tecnovert? Tecnovert is recommended for applications at domestic voltage, giving improved performance thanks to the presence of the three‐phase motor which could not be used directly. Tecnovert is specific for biomass boilers and stoves.

          Tecnovert expands the motor functions, so that it responds gently commands, operates in a controlled, safe manner and is more efficient, thus resulting in energy savings. This responds to an increasing demand for eco‐friendly energy saving and to increasingly strict regulations regarding energy consumption. It is compact and easier to connect up electrically than a traditional, external variable frequency drive.

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